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Yanchep Sun City Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tokyu corporation established to undertake urban development in the Yanchep and Two Rocks region of Western Australia

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Yanchep Sun City Pty Ltd was incorporated in Australia in 1974 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tokyu Corporation. The company was established to undertake urban development in the Yanchep/Two Rocks region of Western Australia.

During the early 1970s to the mid 1980s the company built the Two Rocks marina breakwater, mooring pens and industrial complex; constructed the Two Rocks town centre; established and developed the original Yanchep, Two Rocks and St Andrews subdivisions; the Sun City Golf Course; Club Capricorn resort; and the Atlantis Marine Park was built by the company as a tourist attraction. Breakwater Drive was constructed by Tokyu Corporation with assistance of the company and vested to the Wanneroo City Council in 1996, creating a second access and exit point to the communities of Yanchep and Two Rocks.

Since 1989 the company has been involved in long term land management issues on behalf of Tokyu Corporation. Yanchep Sun City Pty Ltd is a signatory to Memorandum of Understanding (1996 & 2003), Strategic Co-operation agreement (1999) and IDEA Project (1996) with the State Government of Western Australia and the City of Wanneroo.

In June 2004 Yanchep Sun City Pty Ltd and the Capricorn Investment Group Pty Ltd formed the Capricorn Village Joint Venture
(CVJV) for residential development in Yanchep and Two Rocks. CVJV initiated and contributed to the extension of Marmion Avenue
to Yanchep.

The operations of the company are confined to the Yanchep/Two Rocks area of the Perth metropolitan region of Western Australia
and are organised in the following business segments. 

Residential development
The company is an owner of Capricorn Village Joint Venture.
Cattle farm
A cattle operation is conducted by the company over the broad acre land owned by Tokyu Corporation.
Land management services
Management and maintenance of broad acre landholdings in the Yanchep/Two Rocks region of Western Ausltralia.

Since its incorporation, the Company has been supporting important and worthwhile community endeavours and activities including:

    • Sponsorship of the community bus since 1976
    • Sponsor of the annual Australia day Breakfast and Australia day community awards



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